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Progressive Lubrication System

Progressive Lubrication System

  • The LUBERR pump supplies lubricant under high pressure to the lubrication points through the Progressive Distributors when an electric supply is provided to the LUBERR pump.
  • The LUBERR Pump comprises an electrically driven motor with a grease reservoir, pump elements and pressure relief valves. The stirring inside the pump forces the lubricant in the reservoir to the suction ports of the pumping elements which in turn deliver the lubricant under pressure to the Distributor. The Progressive Distributor distributes equally & delivers the lubricant to the lube points through feed lines.

  • The Lube Controller in the Customer PLC/Control panel actuates the Pump to deliver the lubricant for the pre-set ON time while the operation of the lubrication system is monitored by the making / breaking contacts of the Micro Limit Switch at the Distributor. The Monitoring time is pre-set in the Lube Controller PLC such a way that during the Pump ON time, the Indicator pin makes at least one TO & FRO motion thereby, making and breaking contacts at the Micro Limit Switch at least once indicating the healthy functioning of the system.
  • In case of any system malfunctioning, the indicator pin does not move, and the Monitoring circuit fault signal shall be used to monitor/control fault by providing suitable Indicating and annunciating mechanisms.
  • The outlet of the pump is provided with a pressure relief valve. In case of any blockage in the system, the pressure relief valve starts relieving as soon as the set pressure (Normally 200 bar) at the safety valve is exceeded. The system components are thus protected from excess pressure.


  • Easy to Install
  • Blockage Control system
  • Reliable monitoring systems
  • Effective in harsh environment
  • Right amount of lubricant at right interval


  • Construction machines
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Reach Stackers
  • Asphalt Mixers
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Food & Beverages Machineries
  • General Industries