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Mining & Construction

Mining & Construction

  • Off road construction machines may work at low speed and expecting higher productivity and reduce downtime, reliable operation of the machine under larger demand.
  • Machine Operators need to comply with the health and safety norms and improve machine productivity, control costs and reduce the breakdown time. All type of mining and construction equipment from the small concrete pump to larger material handling conveyors.
  • LUBERR lubrication systems help automate the maintenance process, and reduce costs, while monitoring the performance of lubrication system signs of component damage to prevent downtime. Other conditions such as frequent stopping and starting, contaminated environment and constant vibration. Our robust products designed to withstand all tough conditions.

  • Despite facing harsh environment operating conditions, mining and construction equipment must operate profitably in construction projects. They are required to move more materials with greater speed and reliability, suffer less downtime and use fuel more efficiently. Choosing components and services that raise efficiency, maintain uptime and reduce environmental impact is crucial.
  • An example of how this is achieved is the use of automatic lubrication systems. These perform a critical operation with essentially no human intervention. As well as streamlining and improving the process of lubrication, it leaves staff free to concentrate on other tasks. In some instances, it’s possible to avoid re-lubrication completely, with sealed bearings that are lubricated for life, like for example, our Explorer plain bearings.

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